Welding Rod


Norms: Classifications:
TS EN ISO 636-A  W3Si1
EN ISO 636-A W3Si1
AWS A5.18 ER 70 S-6
Approvals&Certificates: ISO14001-2015, ISO45001-2018, ISO9001-2015, TSE, CE, GOST

Chemical Composition of Welding Wire % Typical

C Si Mn
0.07 0.88 1.47
Current Type

Weldable Steels

E295, E335 , S235J2G3-S355J2G3, P235T1-P355T1, P235T2, P355T2, L210NB-L415NB, L210MB-L415MB, P235G1TH, P255G1TH, P235GH-P355GH, S235JRS1-S235J4S, S315G1S-S355G3S, S255N-S380N, P255NH-P355NH, GE200-GE260

Mechanical Properties

Yield  Strength (N/mm²) Tensile Strength (N/mm²)  Impact Strength (ISO-V/-40ºC)  Elongation % (Lo=5do)
min. 420 500-640 min. 47 J min. 22

Features and Applications

It is a copper coated gas metal arc welding wire (MAG) used in the welding of construction, machinery, ships, tanks, boilers, pipes, thin sheet metal, steel furniture, metal goods and automotive industry that made of non-alloy, general structure and fine grained steels.The copper coating, which is homogeneous and made in the required thickness, increases the electrical conductivity and the resistance of the wire against corrosion.Can be used at service temperatures up to 400 °C

Packaging Information and Parameters

Diameter x Height (mm) Packaging Type Weight (Kg)
1.60 x 1000  Cardboard Box (Pipe) 5
2.00 x 1000  Cardboard Box (Pipe) 5
2.40 x 1000  Cardboard Box (Pipe) 5
3.20 x 1000  Cardboard Box (Pipe) 5
4.00 x 1000  Cardboard Box (Pipe) 5
tse ce iso eac pct tur tur

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